Our mission is to introduce new and exciting Estonian music to the world through acoustic live session videos. We will feature up-and-coming artists together with some more acknowledged names in Estonia, covering music from all genres, including pop, jazz, electronic and folk music. Our main audience is made up of active music listeners on the web who are open to new sounds and ideas and are looking for some new music to fall in love with. We want to share the best new Estonian music and some special corners and breathtaking views from Viljandi (and occasionally some interesting places elsewhere, too) with the world and expand their awareness on these subjects. Viljandi Vibes is based on the love-and-fun-filled creative atmosphere in Viljandi and on the ambition to support Estonian music industry and music export.

Our sincerest thanks to Tartu University Viljandi Culture Academy for bringing us together, giving us the knowledge and support. 


Introduction: What is Viljandi Vibes?

Viljandi Vibes – this is music, good friends and beautiful places in Viljandi which all together create a indescribable vibe. When words are not enough, you just have to show it in music and video and that’s what we are aiming to do. We wish to to capture the good vibe in everything new, exciting and interesting in Estonian music.

Our vision is that many of the new and exciting Estonian artists will have visually beautiful and great-sounding acoustic live-session videos, through which people from all around the world can discover that special Estonian talent both in music and in nature and interiors – theres so much of it, you’ll see!


The story behind Viljandi Vibes

It’s when life happens and one day you find yourself studying in Viljandi. And you discover so many lovely, talented people around you. Some may be your classmates, some you have worked with on some other projects, some may even be your flatmates, and with some you just accidentally become good friends. Any way, we’ll make friends with a lot of incredible people.

But then, those friendships create new crazy ideas and shared dreams. That energy and synergy between us take various forms in songs, trips and journeys, parties, festivals, jokes, bands, and other shared experiences and emotions. All this creates a special vibe that unites us together.

In short, Viljandi Vibes is the result of an idea, a dream that Maris had had for a long time. Eventually, she found the courage to share it with somebody else and that brought together a team of different people with different backgrounds and experiences who all love music and Viljandi and want to do something something good and great – to Estonian musicians, to Viljandi, to our internet-generation, to Estonian culture in general and after all, to ourselves.

Viljandi Vibes is everything good that there is in Viljandi – the people, places, words and stories, emotions, sounds and music. This must be love.


VV / with love from Viljandi