Viljandi Vibes Live Session: Estonian Voices – Ära loo noorikut

Since their formation in late 2010, Estonian Voices has made their name as a world class a capella jazz ensemble. They’ve performed on television and on concerts all over Estonia, in many places Europe and even further. They have collaborated with Britt Quentin (vocal group M-Pact), Eric Whitacre, Estonian Dream Big Band and many others. They were also awarded Jazzalbum of the Year 2015 in Estonian Music Awards. Most of their big show and TV performances have been fun and jazzy, but for Viljandi Vibes, their souls vibrated with the harmonies of “Don’t Hit the Newly-wed” by Veljo Tormis, a classic arrangement of an old traditional Estonian song.

They arrived in Viljandi straight from the airport, coming from Sweden where they’d just performed the night before. But being the professionals and true artists they are, they still delivered and their performance made Viljandi Art School – a space filled with kid’s creativity and artwork – sound like a sacred hall. It seems as if that song, so fragile and wistful, made everyone’s illness and problems disappear and brought glory and light to our more sombre days. We, too, have those in Viljandi. But then we also have music to make it all better. Especially when it’s just so damn beautiful as Estonian Voices’ “Don’t Hit the Newly-wed”. Here’s to embracing all of our feelings!


Estonian Voices homepage

Thanks: Tartu University Viljandi Culture Academy,, Viljandi Art School

VV / with love from Viljandi

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