Viljandi Vibes Live Sessions: Andre Maaker – 4 pieces on guitar


New year, new beginnings. Though the new year’s festive feelings are long gone and everybody is back in their routine, Viljandi Vibes has a totally new vibe inside. We are full of enthusiasm and as usually, surprises! Our new video is filled, in every way, with unexpected details. Fantastic guitar player Andre Maaker is as surprising as the video! He plays, on his guitars, old local folksongs as well as fiery flamenco rhythms. But how do you put such diverse vibes into one single video? Andre had a way! We, astonished by his stunning plan, jumped right in and the joyride began!

The shooting day was dull and was bound to be a very long one. But once Andre twanged a couple of silent notes it was certain, “Something extraordinary is going to come out of this one!”. The evening passed on carried by great music, amusing company and of course lots of fun and laughter. All the hot and steamy feelings from the day of the shoot were also put into the video.

So take Your time, have a sip of coffee and let the guitar strings carry You away! Forget that it’s cold and slippery outside and enjoy excellent music filled with a huge dose of warmth!



Thanks to our supporters at Eesti Muusika Eksport and EAÜ!

With love from Viljandi, VV

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