Viljandi Vibes Live Sessions: Angus – Angus

It was a special Sunday morning. We woke up early, anxious, not knowing what is really going to happen. It was Viljandi Vibes first day of filming. We had been preparing for this for the past month and a half, but nobody had really done something like this ever before, but the will and hope were bigger than the fear and excitement. Together we had a cup of coffee and started to work. And it happened – we already had that perfect vibe on our first set. This is exactly what we had dreamed about. The tune of “Angus” made everyone’s fatigue and coldness disappear, everyone we’re enjoying doing what they love. Thanks to Angus! Reggae on!

Angus is a reggae/ska band formed in 2010 in Viljandi. By now, they’re making everybody dance and jump all around Estonia. Angus performed their song “Angus” for Viljandi Vibes live sessions at Ugala theatre Black Box on November 29th, 2015.

Band members:
Anton Ventsel – vocals, guitar
Elari Ennok – ukulele
Mati Tubli – bass
Rauno Vaher – percussion
Lauri Kadalipp – saxophone
Allan Järve – trumpet
Tõnu Tubli – trombone

Angus on Facebook
Angus’ YouTube page

VV / with love from Viljandi

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