Viljandi Vibes Live Sessions: LeHiis – BGS

Besides heaps of folk artists, Viljandi is also the birth place for brave new electronic music. Viljandi Vibes presents – LeHiis! The girls have written some breautiful thoughts about their music:
Look into the mirror, my darling, but not to check your lipstick or hairline, but to find honest reflection to the world. If happy – enjoy, if not – get to work. It is okay to keep finding yourself and never reaching the end because there is no end to our imagination. Honesty and creation can shift the balance between dumb and clever living, we hope to be a part of the latter.

vol 1 girls. Dedicated to Heiagang, with love.
Come on, Inspire me!
I open up entirely to your Holiness and Energy.
Langue n’importe – Sprache unwichtig

LeHiis on Tumblr

VV / with love from Viljandi

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