Viljandi Vibes Live Sessions: Lights on the Ceiling – Daydreaming

Thursday morning.. What could be a better way to start off the second half of the week enjoying some fresh and heartwarming music with a cup of coffee and Viljandi Vibes! This time we present you ocal boys straight from Viljandi with extra juicy rock’n’roll.

At the end of last year, when Viljandi looked like winter wonderland, our team gathered in jazzbar Jasm, lighted up the room and recorded some awesome new material. Five young men from Lights on the Ceiling in front of our cameras performed their tune called “Daydreaming”

The morning started quietly, VV team members were moving the chairs, putting up the set, band was tuning, sound check, last sip of coffee… And then!

Sound! OK!

Lights? All set!

Cameras? Rolling.


Time passed, atmosphere in the room was cozying up. The whole crew enjoyed the moment and Jasm was filled with sweet moves and rhythms. Camera crew was helpless with trying to not dance while filming. At the end of the shot the bar was filled with warmth.

Lights on the Ceiling is a Viljandis very own rock band that introduces its sweet and juicy sounds for every meloman.


Thanks to our supporters at Eesti Muusika Eksport and EAÜ!

With love from Viljandi, VV

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