Viljandi Vibes Live Sessions: Miljardid – Mister Please

For us, the “Viljandi vibe” is a certain type of status, a feeling in an environment. It’s when you are surrounded by good people, lots of love, crazy jokes and good music. We only found it in Viljandi because that’s where to concentration of that vibe seems to be the highest. However, we think, it can also be found elsewhere – among other people and in music from far away, too. For instance, this.

Miljardid, a band from Tallinn, performing their single “Mister Please” in Romaan in Viljandi is the best proof there is. Inspired by Berlin, travelled through time and space and still carrying that true Viljandi Vibe. Watch, enjoy and spread the vibe!

Band members:
Marten Kuningas – vocals
Raul Ojamaa – guitar
Peedu Kass – bass/harmonium
Kristjan Kallas – drums
Miljardid on Facebook


VV / with love from Viljandi

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