Viljandi Vibes Live Sessions: Steps to Synapse – Take me home

When was the last time you played with toys? Went crazy from seeing Moomins?Slid down a slide? Anyway, Viljandi Vibes didn’t remember, but we got our dose of nostalgiaIn Päikesekillu family center when we went in to prepare for our set. Each and everyone of us found some toys that we had in our childhood or gadgets, that no one understands as a grown-up, but which seemed pretty logical as kid.

We took the biggest room of the center and put up all of our technical gear, a bunch of cool toys, a slide and to top it all off, five young musicians who call themselves Steps to Synapse!

We thought it’s a bit insane playing in a pile of toys.. Steps to Synapse is insane! Awesome! Awesomely insane! Mix of indie-pop and moomins, at first it all felt a bit grotesque and delirious, but….

Look and decide for yourself! VV is insanely pleased with the result!

What could be better than to start the second half of the week with catchy music and a captivating video?!!


Thanks to our supporters at Eesti Muusika Eksport and EAÜ!


With love from Viljandi, VV

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