Viljandi Vibes Live Sessions: Twice the Strings – Tema jälgedes

Twice the Strings is an intelligent-pop band whose sound incorporates heavier rock/blues notes as well as carefully picked delicate melodies. Their music is the result of the harmonious symbiosis of two singing guitarists – Kelly and Jaan-Eerik. The songs are embellished by the by their own lyrics and captivating stage presence. The final touch to this collaboration is added by Mart’s captivating basslines and drummer Karl-Heinrich’s sweet rhythms.

Kelly Vask – kitarr/vokaal
Jaan-Eerik Aardam – kitarr/vokaal
Mart Nõmm – bass
Karl-Heinrich Arro – trummid/vokaal

Twice the Strings’ homepage

Twice the Strings on Facebook

VV / with love from Viljandi

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