Behind the Scenes: Micucu in Viljandi Puppet Theatre

Micucu’s music can be chacterised by strength, deep inner pilgirmages and the joys and pains of being a man or a woman. The first single from their debut album – “Val” describes a neverending moment. A moment when your head is empty and you just let everything go. For frontman Uku Kübar, “Val” means free falling.

So, Viljandi Vibes fell into Viljandi Puppet Theatre – we think that in order to search and find yourself, you sometimes need to go back to the simplicity of childhood and playing. And a puppet theatre is the right place for that. Especially for its crimson interior and the black stage. We also had a visitor from on the shoot who made and interview with us. 🙂

Let it go!

VV / with love from Viljandi

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